Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to choose Keywords based domain?

When we choose keywords for our website before that we should choose our niche for our website.  When we choose the domain name which is related to our niche then it will be helping you to make good domain for your business.  I hope you will be getting to get more information about Search Engine Optimization before you choose the domain you can use Google Webmaster tool to get real keywords to your website.

For example, you should have a shipping based website then you can choose the domain like :

If you have export company then you choose

you can choose importer website like this :

you can choose the best domain for your niche then you can get more information to get real ideas to create your niche keywords.

You can choose the right keyword, keywords and keyword phrase to improve your site search results.  When you have to choose the keywords which should be the competitive keywords for your website.